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Do you walk dogs in any weather?


Yes, come rain, sunshine or even snow, we will walk your dog. Only in case of a storm or heavy frost will we be forced to cancel or postpone. In case of cancellation, we will of course refund your payment.

Frequently asked questions

Doggy Walker BXL
Can you visit my dog during my vacation?


A dog that is left alone for more than a few hours needs more than a simple visit. We offer to let him stay with our family through the doggy day care service.

If I give you a set of my house keys, who will have access to them?


Only members of the Doggy Walker team have access to your keys and we will agree together who will come to your home and at what time. Safety and trust are our main concern.

I have two dogs. Do I get a discount?


Yes, there is a 50% discount for the second and third dog from one household. Consult our rates for more details.

Do you accept other animals besides cats and dogs?


We are specialised in cats and dogs, but we can also take care of other pets (birds, fish or rodents) during your absence. The same rates and conditions as for the cat sitting service apply.

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