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​Who are we ?

I am a professional who loves animals, especially cats and dogs.
My name is Miguel and I am very familiar with the concept of professional dog walking, as it is common practice in my native Argentina. Dog walkers over there sometimes walk around with up to 15 dogs at a time!
Fortunately, I limit our walks to 9 dogs per pack to insure their well-being and safety.


Some history


Wanting to dedicate my spare time to animals, I registered on a dog and cat sitting website to offer my services. I very soon had several satisfied customers, but I also realised that « just anyone » could offer these services, without having any qualifications and with earning easy money as a main priority.
That is when I decided to offer a professional alternative that combines my passion for animals with the care and dedication needed when an animal’s well-being is put first. Thus, Doggy Walker Brussels was born.


Dog walker and cat sitter
Our commitments



  • Dog walking with respect for animals and nature

  • The mental and physical well-being of your dog guaranteed

  • A first-aid kit always at hand

  • A competitive price including insurance and tax

  • A degree in dog training

  • More than 5 years of professional experience and a life time of owning pets


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Doggy Walker Brussels is the website for professional dog walkers and pet sitters

Doggy Walker Brussels
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