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Dog walking

Nature walks with the « pack »


We pick your dog up in a specially adapted vehicle and take him to the forest with the other friends of his « pack » (he will almost always be accompanied by the same group of dogs) in order to socialize and have fun with others of his kind. We never accept more than 9 dogs per walk, in order to guarantee the well-being and safety of your dog.

At least twice a week, we take them to the forests in Brussels (Forêt de soigne) and are sure to go to sites where they can run free without any risks.

The walks last at least 1:15 h (not including transport time) and your dog will receive water and will be dried off in case of rain before we drive him back home.

Every once in a while, we offer group walks at the beach or in the countryside.




         Our commitments


  • Your dog returned home, happy and thoroughly exercised

  • Your dog’s well-being guaranteed

  • Passion and respect for animals and nature

  • A first aid kit, always at hand

  • A competitive price including insurance and tax


         In pratice


We organise a first meeting in order to understand your needs and those of your dog. This is of course completely free of charge and without obligation to purchase. We will make a copy of your dog’s passport and make sure that his vaccines and treatments are up to date. After a short walk, which we strongly recommend to assess your dog’s habits and reactions, we agree on the frequency of the walks and the practical arrangements concerning picking him up and dropping him off.




  • Only social and non-aggressive dogs

  • non-aggressive dogs that return when called

  • carrying a medal or tag; chipped and vaccinated

  • anti-parasite treatment

  • minimum contract of 3 walks per week for 3 months

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